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  • a great/brilliant artist, a leading/prominent figure, a remarkable scientist
  • a cultural ambassador, a patriotic poet
  • a genius, a legend, a giant
  • a Nobel laureate
  • daughter of Dunhuang (Fan Jinshi)
  • a man driven to succeed and driven to make perfect product (Steve Jobs)
  • a brilliant artist who was instrumental in bringing ... to the world


  • help change the face of the world / China
  • play a key role in bringing ... to the world
  • help curb famine; help curb the spread of Covid-19
  • help alleviate famine and poverty / help make famine a distant memory
  • His research made him a national hero and symbol of dogged scientific pursuit in China.
  • Because of his invaluable contributions, Yuan received many awards both in China and abroad.
  • had become a leading actor ... by the age of 20
  • deserve respect
  • Although this great opera master has now joined the heroes of history, he left behind a legacy of cultural wealth for his people and for all future generations.
  • Mei Lanfang was still is greatly loved, not only for his tremendous artistic skill but also for his great kindness to all people and his deep love for his country.

What he/she did

  • he hit upon a shift in strategy
  • choose to specialize in ...
  • become even more determined to do ...
  • ... open doors for him to do ...
  • long to bring his beloved ... to the rest of the world
  • Unfortunately, such achievements didn't come cheap.
  • Due to the frantic pace of his research, Huang was absent from his father's funeral, and even his own cancer went undetected as he has no time to see a doctor.
  • When he was 16, he tried to enter university in Switzerland, but failed due to his low scores in the general part of the entrance exam, despite obtaining exceptional scores in maths and physics.
  • Through intense effort, Yuan overcame enormous technical difficulties to develop ...
  • By 1970, Mr.Yuan was growingly frustrated with his halting progress.
  • After his discoveries in the early 1970s, Mr. Yuan became a strong advocate for sharing his breakthroughs internationally instead of using them to achieve Chinese dominance in rice production.
  • Clearly, despite the language barrier, the beautiful, elegant performances were a huge success.
  • Circumstances changed in 1933, when Hitler came to power in Germany. Einstein, who was Jewish, found the doors of academic institutions closed to him.
  • The whole world mourned the great loss of a brilliant scientist.
  • His death triggered messages of grief across the country.
  • His death brought an outpouring of public mourning in China.


  • My mother, ... is my great inspiration
  • To sum up, Huang sacrificed everything for his research, and I think more people should honor him.
  • I want to thank them, and let the world know about these teachers who work tirelessly every day for the sake of the children.
  • Because of her, I have learnt to stay positive even then times are hard.

Chinese Food


  • diversity, a wide assortment of
  • a manifestation of hospitality
  • ... largely represents a country's history, heritage, culture, bringing a country as a whole by reminding people of their nations' history and identity.
  • China is a nation with a long history of food culture, and food has become an essential/indispensable part of Chinese culture.
  • Chinese people pay great attention to the color, smell, taste, and shape of food, and taste if regarded as the soul of Chinese food. Chinese people use many seasonings to give a richer taste experience.
  • a real pleasure to view, to smell and ultimately to savor.
  • sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, rich, crispy(酥脆的), chewy(有嚼劲的), crunchy(松脆的), fluffy(松软的), succulent/juicy(多汁的), greasy(油腻的), light(清淡的), mild(温和的)
  • nasty, unpleasant, disgusting, peculiar, odd

Food exploration

  • with its own distinctive flavor and appeal
  • one of the most distinguished dishes
  • enjoy a taste of, a bite of, a broad bite/taste of
  • a bite of China(documentary)
  • taste authentic Sichuan snacks, and understand how chopped garlic and different kinds of peppers delicately mingle with other ingredients.

Single dish

  • Peking Roasted Duck
  • Peking duck is a famous dish from Beijing, enjoying world fame, and considered as one of China national dishes.
  • As “the first dish to taste in China”, Beijing Roast Duck used to be a royal dish in medieval China.
  • With branches spanning the globe, Quanjuede is the most well-known Beijing duck restaurant in the world.
  • Over a hundred years old, the art of roasting the duck and selecting the ideal condiments and dishes to be paired with them is still being perfected.
  • Hot Pot
  • The secret of whether a hot pot is good or not lies in the broth, which all the meat slices and vegetables take their flavor from.
  • Chinese people are very fond of hot pot. In the past hot pot used to be favored only in winter, but nowadays hot pot has been appearing on tables all year round. It is a great way to socialize with friends and relatives. People gather around the pot to eat while chatting, eating, drinking, and having fun.
  • Dumplings
  • Dumplings are also a traditional dish eaten on Chinese New Year’s Eve. As they look like Chinese silver ingots (Chinese money in old times), it is believed that the more dumplings you eat during the New Year celebrations, the more money you will make in the New Year.
  • Dumplings are a representative Chinese cuisine, with both shape and filling having cultural meaning.
  • Leek stuffing represents long-term wealth. Reason: 'Leek' sounds like 'industrious wealth'. It also represents a wish for the family to be in good health, harmony, joy and happiness.


  • Flavors vary considerably across China.
  • Also, according to Chinese medicine food must be eaten in season to combat too much yin (cold weather) and yang (hot weather), dryness, or dampness.
  • Chinese don't eat with knives and forks, traditionally, which is seen as violent or barbaric, but with chopsticks. As chopsticks don't actually chop, all food is very soft or chopped up into bite-size pieces before cooking.
  • They believe "the first bite is with the eyes". Dishes are served in precise patterns or lifelike shapes, brightened by intricate vegetable carvings and decorative herbs.
  • Dating back at least 2,000 years, the symbolism of foods in China comes from superstitions or traditional beliefs in eating to invoke/celebrate blessing.

Culture Communication & Chinese Culture

Chinese Elements

  • beautifully-carved chopsticks
  • traditional Chinese cuisine
  • an art form that prospered in Tang Dynasty
  • The Quintessence of China / the cornerstone of Chinese culture

Su Dongpo (Su Shi)

  • Hailed as / Considered as one of the most revered, prodigious figures in Chinese culture, he was an artist, writer, philosopher, scientist and hugely influential politician.
  • a prodigiously talented poet.
  • a hugely influential figure in Chinese literature
  • scintillating verses in Chinese literary history.
  • an accomplished calligrapher.


  • serve as / offer a platform for...
  • arouse / spark / cultivate / nurture students' interests in ...
  • set off a new upsurge of learning English
  • strengthen our bonds.
  • promote / foster cultural exchange
  • release / relieve your stress.
  • lighten your burden.
  • encourage the students' further reflection on...
  • immerse students in the charm of Chinese culture.
  • give us a deeper insight into...

Exhibition & Application Letter


  • my English proficiency makes my an ideal candidate for ...
  • The event offers a rare chance to feel connected with diverse cultures. I would feel privileged to help build the bond.
  • Years of being monitor takes me a brilliant organizer, which will help a lot to keep the exhibition in order.
  • I'm quite capable of revealing traditional beauty and magnificence to visitors.
  • have obtioned considerable proficiency in ...
  • Vigor combined with responsibility, I am willing to help with any extra work if needed.

Exhibition & Museum - Content

  • to interpret the quintessence of those materpieces and give visitors glimpse of ...
  • I can take visitors strolling in the seas of arts, wandering in the history.
  • On March 20$_{th}$, all the students in Class 7, Grade 3 paid a visit to The City Museum and we were wonderstruck to see a vast array of rare ancient antiques displayed on black velvet.
  • The Museum was a storehouse of knowledge. Roaming through galleries, we admired the perfectly-preserved sculptures, statues and clay pots, which threw light on our ancestors' lives in ancient times.
  • In a fully-equipped studio, we actively engaged in art and craft projects, a hands-on experience to approach and explore art and a superb way to express our creativity.
  • With its bustling streets and beautiful ached rainbow bridge spanning a curving river, the silk scroll astonishingly depicts scenes of everyday city life.
  • Among these, the most anticipated one is The Qingming Scroll, giving a view of an ideal city.
  • We guarantee that the exhibition will transport you to the mysterious ancient China.

Exhibition - Significance

  • The trip not only kindled our keen interest in our city's local history, but also offered fascinating insights into how our city was marching ahead towards progress and prosperity.
  • Boasting a collection of handcrafts and ink paintings, the exhibit unlocks an insightful understanding of Song Dynasty - an epoch(时代) combining boom and doom(繁荣与灭亡).
  • Now, feel free to roam, relish and walk into Dynasty Song!

First Aid & Voluntary activities

It's a great honor to save a life. -- Leigh Bardugo

Word bank

  • a good command / knowledge of first-aid techniques
  • perform mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing
  • perform CPR
  • the wounded
  • be filled with compassion for the poor / the injured / the underprivileged
  • zealous, devorted, and thoroughly qualified volunteers
  • repond to natural disaster
  • provide medical assistance
  • meet the need for
  • poverty-stricken region
  • provide food, shelter, medical supplies, and medical care to those in need
  • a volunteer with the Italian Red Cross
  • non-profit organization
  • dignity

First Aid

  • The first and most important step in the treatment of ... is giving first aid
  • There is an urgent need to rush the patient / the injured to the hospital.
  • With choking victims, every minute counts.
  • Chen later said about the incident, "How could I just sitting there and doing nothing? We are all humans and we all have a responsibility to look after one another's welfare."
  • As one Red Cross volunteer said, "We are the Red Croos - we will be there. No matter how hard it is, we will be there."


  • Though he is long gone, his spirit continues with us until this day.
  • Undoubtedly, it's your smiles that lit up the courts; it's your endeavor and exertions(努力和付出) that pushed the game moving forward smoothly.

Music Festival


  • The event will kick off with a mellifluous piano song Canon, which will create an oasis of calm.
  • The extravaganza, a stunner and eye-opener, will kick off with ...
  • With the last note falling comes the kaleidoscope of students' performances accompanied by gorgeous fireworks, which will push the carnival to a peak.
  • ... will kick off with some pulsating songs to warm up the atmosphere.
  • a wide range of; a myriad of; a mix of; a blend of
  • There is a lot to explore.
  • stunning voice; the sunny open-air stage
  • spontaneous us live performances, compelling stories, and cultural insights that are moving, funny, and fascinating, make this a unique and intimate experience.
  • Wander through the festival and discover little known gems to musical legends.
  • Once the sun goes down, head to our late night venues and dance till dawn.


  • grab a slice of calm and tranquility; a haven of calm and relaxation; an oasis of calm; rejuvenate and restore
  • grab the opportunity; seize the moment; add a little spice to your life/weekend.
  • get closer to the artist; gain insight into their culture

Appeal & Invitation

  • Come and lose yourself in the sights, sounds, and tastes that blend together to makeup the vibrant WOMAD experience!
  • give sth. a go/try


Opening Paragraph

  • This is to inform/notify you of ... (+名词)/ that ... (+从句)
  • On the (important) occasion of the anniversary/celebration, our school has decided to organize/ is organizing / intends to ...
  • To encourage us students to think globally, a seminar / salon with the focus on the different demensions of different countries' campus routines is to kick off...

Closing Paragraph

  • For further information, please...
  • Please note late arrivals are not allowed.
  • Have a fun-fill night!


  • to celebrate/observe the auspicious occasion of ...
  • to promote/strengthen the bond ...
  • to raise the students' awareness (consciousness) of body-building / teamwork spirit ...
  • to advocate a green/low-carbon life
  • to advocate going green
  • to help release/relieve your stress
  • to lighten your burden
  • to help flood-hit / disaster-hit / quake-stricken areas
  • to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate
  • to boost mutual understanding
  • to expand one's vision
  • to build our muscles
  • to foster our sympathy and empathy
  • to sharpen our interpersonal skills
  • to add spice to our dull routine
  • to unearth our potential
  • to give a pause to our stressful school life
  • to update students on scientific advances

Word Bank

  • 校际友谊赛 inter school competition
  • 爱尔兰音乐演奏会 an Irish music session
  • 游乐园 Fun Fair
  • 图书展/书市 Book Fair
  • 英语晚会 English Evening
  • 民歌之夜 a Folk Music Night
  • 棋类游戏 board games
  • 图书漂流 Book Crossing
  • 篝火之夜/篝火晚会 a bonfire night; a bonfire evening
  • 烟火表演 a firework display
  • 参观校园 a student-guided campus tour
  • 旧物销售 garage sales
  • enroll; enter your name for;
  • meet the deadline; before due time


  • The three-hour competition is a stage where 20 witty contestants will be addressing (will address) inspirational (thought-provoking) speeches and share their unique perspectives regarding future life.
  • What is the most appealing is that we will have Professor Potter's presence as a distinguished judge, which is more than privileged.
  • With beautiful-crafted scenes, the half-hour clip is a brief reflection on what our school has gone through and accomplished as well as a forward look into what we will strive for.
  • In a bid for a perfect version, any voices are genuinely welcomed and highly appreciated.

Recall Letter & Irish Culture


  • Happy time has wings!
  • What wonderful days we had in the China-Ireland Culture Festival!
  • How have you been since we met last?
  • It has been a delight meeting you at the China-Ireland Cultural Festival.
  • Time slipped! How's life treating you? I feel like the China-Irish Culture Festival had just been held yesterday!
  • Recollecting our memorable times together at the China-Ireland Cultural Festival earlier this year is making me sentimental.
  • I hope this email finds you well.


  • enjoy the grand parade wearing our ethnic costumes.
  • And I can still remember some moves you taught me about Irish dance!
  • Not only did we chat about the favourite pastimes and foods of the people there, but you also described a beautiful culture that I wish one day to have the chance to experience myself.
  • We had a blast together tasting the delicious cultural cuisines and participating in the traditional Irish activities.
  • And the Chinese-Irish string of songs still lingers in my ears. Never had I imagined the two languages would work magically like one in those songs.
  • The festive atmosphere lingers on the cheerful scenes keep flashing back.
  • How can I forget your fancy costumes, ans mid-blowing music and dances?
  • Our conversation over how the green-themed St. Patrick celebration remionds me of the significance of green jade, and embroidery in Chinese culture still resonates with me.
  • I wish to visit Ireland one day enjoying a beer over Irish musicals as you have appreciated our tea.
  • When performers from both countries began tap-dancing onstage, all the audience couldn't help dancing to the dynamic rhythm when I accidentally stepped on your heel.


  • Keep in touch and hope to see you again.
  • Keep me updated!
  • I look forward to hearing from you and let's remain in contact as pen pals thenceforth.
  • Let's keep in touch! I look forward to having you as my tour guide when I visit.

Trip & Picnic

Activities/Scenes - Nature

  • Once there, we will just admire the sparkling lake and then enjoy a delicious picnic. We'll also play many interactive games where we ...
  • By the sapphire-like lake, you can immerse yourself in colorful splashes of flowers and let the warm sunshine wipe out your weariness.
  • There is no better time to stargaze, when the sky was just washed by a rainstorm.
  • There is nothing quite like experiencing warm sand and toe-ticking waves.
  • We will start off with climbing the mountain, enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking scenery along the way.
  • After making it to the peak, we will have a picnic where home-made delicious food won't fail to satisfy your stomach.
  • It's a place where desert dust mingles with briny breezes to create a special kind of magic which lures travelers with year-round sunshine, cool waters, and captivating views.
  • Many sharp bends and steep slopes included, safety precautions and comfortable sneaker are strongly recommended.

Activities - Culture

  • Explore the memorials and monuments on the route as the guide shares facts and history at each stop.
  • We'll go to the West Lake to appreciate its picturesque scenery and cultural relics. Once there, you will get fully immersed in its ever-changing beauty.
  • The cultural trip will begin with a first-hand exploration of the native diverse culture with an all-day sightseeing adventure of the city museum and an ancient architectural complex.

Significance & Warn

  • Aiming to hug nature and cultivate our perseverance and teamwork spirit.
  • Please also note that the protection for environment is strongly advocated and this activity will be regrettably postponed in case of heavy rain.

Appeal & Invitation

  • A hike to ... is sure to be a fresh/quite an experience.
  • I myself am a keen tourist, eager to befriend all travelers, sharing cherished memories and fascinating glimpse of diverse cultures.



  • In a praiseworthy attempt to help us better appreciate poetry, a poetry-themed salon kicked off at the campus café last Sunday.
  • Warmly embraced by more than 35 participants, the event indulged all present in the literary and subtle emotions created by their selected works.


  • By striking a chord with the peers in such an artistic way, the activity served as an ideal platform to ignite our passion for literature and a sentimental guide to this wonderful world as well.

月流华 岁遗沙 万古吴钩出玉匣